so it’s about being here and now

In other marketing way mindfulness.

Let’s start from the beginning:
in general, in our times most of people always run for things like: better live, bigger house, fancy car, amazing holidays … and all of that is ok and why not? But we constantly run to achieve more and more, often set goals chaotically and then we have less and less time. Have you noticed that? 

We become frustrated, judgmental, less patience, more stressed, fearful and depressed.
Have you notice that too?  And let me tell you something important, so listen: things you practice make them stronger. So if you practice frustration, what will grow stronger? For sure not your peacefulness. Maybe you don’t believe me now, so I will give you another example. If you practice being disloyal, then what will you become stronger with? Of course in being this disloyal person in expert level.   

For example we are more in mode ASAP in work, by taking kids to school, being stuck in traffic jam… .   And that’s how the normal life looks like.

I don’t want to tell you to “quit your job and escape to tropical island’’, or “STOP it all and change your life because you can do it! There are people who have already done it.’’

I want to tell you about the power of taking a break from everything because chasing things all the time make you forget to live HERE and NOW.

‘Here and now’ it’s about being attentive at this moment. You don’t have to do it all the time, but you can start doing this when you have a break at work. Even if it’s only 5 minutes.

At the beginning accept you have a break and it’s your gap to recharge your batteries. So change place for another place, go outside or use rest room. Can you do it?

Then try to focus only on this break, enjoy your meal, your favorite dessert, instead of eating in a hurry. Try to focus only on one thing, a thing you are doing right now. Feel the wind, focus on your meal (taste it, feel the texture, smell it, even hear it, observe the color, feel the temperature). Drink your coffee, like for the first time. You can get inspired by commercials telling you about warmth, smell, taste and making you feel pleasant by drinking your coffee or tea. So as you can see become attentive only on one thing, without mind distraction. Stop thinking about past or future, accept that you are here and now, and you will recharge yourself. Your brain need to relax and you can think it is just a muscle that needs a rest. So STOP thinking that today you have to do some work, laundry or wash the car … . Just accept that everything is as it supposed to be. Without any judgment, any regret accept it all and fully enjoy your 5 minutes because that’s your gap now.

But what if your distracting thoughts come to your brain?

You should just leave them and tell yourself “I will think about it later, after the break, now I will focus on recharging my battery, and rest”. Then focus at your meal, coffee, tea, listen the wind, listen your breath, watch sky, or do whatever you want, but focus all your senses only on one thing.

What for?

To be more:

  • relaxed
  • focused
  • stress relieved
  • kind
  • productive
  • peaceful

 Just start to practice it every day and I bet, you will see the results soon.


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